This blog will be aggregating ideas from around the web on resisting the new bedroom tax, and will possibly feature a few rants of my own. Much like the doomed poll tax, it is possible to defeat this attack on welfare by resistance, and by tying up the processes in implementing this cut, and with support and solidarity. Although this is a cut in benefits, and not truly a tax I have used the slogan “can’t pay won’t pay” in my header to remind us all that we defeated the poll tax, we can defeat this!

My intention is for this blog to share information on when and how people are resisting, to promote discussion and ideas, and be part of bringing people together and fighting back.

The “bedroom tax”  is a cut in housing benefit for those living in social housing or council housing and who are deemed to have a spare bedroom, the measure allows for one bedroom for a single person, or a couple living as part of the household. Children under the age of 16, and of the same gender are expected to share a bedroom, and children under the age of 10 of any gender are expected to share a bedroom.

You will be affected if:

  • You are part of a separated couple, or couple living apart and have children.
  • You are disabled and live in a property with a spare bedroom, and the property has been adapted, or designed for your needs.
  • You are a foster carer, foster children do not count for benefit purposes.
  •  You are a couple with one partner using the spare room for recovery from illness or operation.
  • You live on your own and have more than one bedroom.

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